Standart in Mezzanotte

protects 75 trees per pair
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where do we ship?

For a flat rate of $5 we ship internationally to over 100 countries from our distribution centre in the Netherlands. We are currently in the process of expanding our fulfillment centre locations to speed up the process, but as of right now expect approximately 2-4 days in Europe, and 5-7 days to the rest of the world. You will be provided shipping information as soon as your package is dispatched.

returns & exchanges

See Returns Policy Page - TLDR: If there's a problem we will help you resolve it.

innovation policy

We are a constantly evolving project, and we like to be completely transparent about that. We spend a ridiculous amount of time, energy, and money on research and development and with that comes split second decisions and changes. We are constantly trying to improve and develop the product, so you may see minor changes between product photography and the final product. Now, they won’t end up being pink instead of blue, but a button, zipper, tag, or cut may end up with minor adjustments if our designers feel its an upgrade! We will always let you know via e-mail if anything changes, and we like to be completely transparent about our improvements.