high rise wide straight - nero


the cut:

in italy this cut is called "palazzo" or "palace" in english. this name is no misnomer when it comes to this cut of denim. slip into a pair of these, and your body transcends the mere physical realm and is elevated to a palace of its own.

a nod to a bygone era when denim was king, when these and bell-bottoms were all the rage, but make no mistake, this style is not simply a blast from the past, but a timeless classic.

whether you're strolling through the cobblestone streets of florence or simply taking a stroll in your hometown, slip into a pair of these wide straights and experience the regal elegance of a palace fit for royalty.

the wash:

our nerø wash isn't quite a vanta black, but it's close - we aimed to create the darkest, flattest finish for a perfect jean that's versatile for any occasion. whether you're headed to work or hitting the club, these jeans have got you covered. plus, the unworn finish allows your own story to be reflected in the denim as it ages naturally over time. so get down in your own way with our nerø wash jeans. they're the perfect combination of style and universal functionality.

the rise:

with a waistline that sits at or just below the belly button, these jeans work wonders for creating the illusion of longer legs and a slimmer waistline. they're a secret weapon in any fashionista's arsenal, perfect for dressing up or down and suitable for any occasion. the versatility and classic style of our high-rise jeans are sure to have you feeling like a true style icon. so why settle for ordinary when you can elevate your denim game with a high-rise?

98% BCI Certified Cotton 2% EL from recycled sources

Handcrafted at a family run, 4th generation family factory in Napoli, Italy

We're not sponsored or supported by TikTok or ByteDance, but the concept for slø and these jeans was built by a community of people rallying around our founder Kristian and his #pocketrevolution

HUGE POCKETS, but designed with a lightweight and super soft pocket liner to not give the bulge or lump effect seen on some jeans

an important decision

high rise vs mid rise

rise changes the shape of the jean and makes a big difference in how they fit - choose wisely!

we hear you

slø powered by the #pocketrevolution

over 700,000 people requested pockets, so we built you the grooviest pockets we could possibly build, built from ridiculously soft and flexible pocket lining, its the reunion way too many years in the making for many people.

shop with confidence

made to order and built for you

we're confident they'll fit you like a glove, let's get you into your new favourite jeans.