Your sizing options

  • Measure yourself & submit your measurements

    if you have a tape measure handy or you know your measurements, in 30 seconds you can submit a form to our sizing team who will match you to the perfect fit,

    Recommended if you’d prefer to measure yourself, we’ll ask that you provide your waist, hip, thigh, and inseam measurements along with your fit preference. Recommended if you typically have a hard time finding the right fit with standard sizes at stores or other brands.

  • Shop standard sizes

    Recommended if you’d usually shop “standard sizes” and have relatively the same size waist and hips. Shop simply with your Inseam and waist measurements along with your fit preference and the slider will give you your sizeYOU size. You can cross reference this with the chart below.

  • slø virtual tailor

    Recommended if you’d like the more precise fit. Using the world’s most advanced 3D imaging software, we are able to capture almost 80 measurements of your body with two simple photographs.

    Our sizing experts and technical design team will then take your measurements and match you to the perfect fit.