How does Ticketing Work?

Unlike most fast fashion brands that produce all of their units prior to launching, slow fashion is centred around the ideology of zero waste, production for a purpose, and a personalized approach. Once you have successfully placed your order we will submit your information to our family run fashion house in stunning Napoli, Italy, where they will begin handcrafting your jeans. 

Your ticket number is your order number you will see on your order confirmation e-mail.

Manufacturing timeline (does not include shipping)

#0001 - #2500 - approximately 3 weeks

#2501 - #5000 - approximately 4 weeks

#5001 - #7500 - approximately 5 weeks

#7501 - #10000 - approximately 6 weeks

#10001 - #12500 - approximately 6.5 weeks.

As we’re not mass producing, and these jeans are made entirely by hand, we have a smaller capacity per week than some of our larger capacity, which is why we’ve implemented a ticketing system, similar to when you order a pizza, or have to wait in line at an amusement park. 

We are however in the process of expanding the sewing line, and may potentially deliver significantly earlier - these are conservative estimates and worst case scenarios.

In the near future we are aiming to have this be a 10-14 day turnaround time for every single order, but with the unbelievable demand for this launch, and it being our first launch (hence “soft launch”, we ask for your patience and understanding as we build the world’s first slow fashion supply chain.

TLDR? Simply put - the closer to launch time you order, the faster you will get your jeans. We will be providing a ton of updates through the whole process, including bringing you along to the factory to see them being made!