the soft launch

one cut x two rises x 3 colors

with adjustable waistband, and standard waistband options

handcrafted in Napoli, Italy

your color options

you've got some options

  • cielø

    "sky" in Italian and is our lightest blue for this launch.

  • marinø

    "marine" in Italian and is our dark general blue like the ocean, a solid choice for any occasion.

  • nerø

    "black" in Italian and is a very dark, unwashed, rinsed black, perfect for the club but dark enough you could wear them to work and nobody would know they were denim!

your rise options

lets get high, or not, up to you!

  • high waisted

    classic high rise that you know and love

  • standard rise

    the standard mid rise you'd expect typically in "men's jeans", an easy relaxed fit

adjustable or not adjustable, it's up to you

every one of these colors and rises has the option to add our signature adjustable waistband, but if you'd prefer a more standard waistband, no problem.