who are we?

that's a very valid question, buy hey it's nice to meet you.

you might already know Kristian from your FYP

after an accidental, yet fateful, purchase of women’s jeans, Kristian Hansen nearly incited a digital riot over the pocket discrepancy of male and female jeans. Sensing his duty to react to the pocket inequality, but not wanting to stop there, he posed the question “what do your dream jeans look like?” to the TikTok masses. 

An apparently inspired and definitely outraged group of over 600,000 people, returned over 800,000 suggestions sparking the unprecedented community-driven, community-owned project that evolved into the slø you know today - a global revolution against fast fashions poisoning of our planet and self image.

slø is not just about pockets though, it’s about creating a product that people feel confident wearing, proud of supporting, and part of creating.

our mission is to provide functional, high-quality, sustainably made clothes that are built for everyone regardless of your age, shape, gender, size, or background.

because everybody deserves clothes that make them feel confident and make their lives easier.