meet Hayley! our design director and do-er of a ridiculous amount of things!

Toronto based designer, Hayley Elsaesser, is globally known for her bold style, often described as a tongue-in-cheek rebellion against the status quo. She incorporates elements from pop culture, literature, music, film, and childhood nostalgia to cultivate her signature look.

She is no stranger to the international fashion scene, appearing in New York, Toronto, and Sydney Fashion Weeks. Hayley's runway featured models of all sizes and backgrounds in perfect harmony with our shared interest in promoting a more body-positive and inclusive future.

Over the years, Elsaesser has outfitted the impressive likes of Tegan and Sara, Miley Cyrus, Joe Jonas, Kesha, and Katy Perry.

Hayley brings a decade of experience to the team and will take us down the home stretch of our initial launch. Since joining us, she's pre-solved problems we didn't realize were going to exist, made our sizing system theory a reality, and turned our sketches into what may end up being the most valuable technical designs in the denim industry.