well if you're here you're probably wondering

who are we?

once upon a time, fashion founder and tikTokker, kristian hansen stumbled upon a fateful purchase of women's jeans that sparked a fire within him. the pocket discrepancy between men's and women's jeans was an injustice he refused to ignore. he boldly posed a question to the masses on tiktok, "what do your dream jeans look like?" and thus, a revolution was born.

over 600,000 people answered the call, flooding the comment section with over 800,000 suggestions. out of this digital storm emerged the brand known as slø - a beacon of hope in a world plagued by the toxic impact of fast fashion and its effect on our individual self-image. but slø is more than just pockets, it's a movement of empowered individuals who demand functional, high-quality, sustainably made clothes. clothes that make you feel confident, proud, and part of a larger community. our mission is clear: to provide clothes for everyone, regardless of age, shape, gender, size, or background. because everyone deserves to feel confident and live an easier life, and that is exactly what slø delivers. so join the revolution and experience the power of truly empowering clothing with slø.