introducing virtual tailor

in three easy steps you'll be matched to the perfect size by our team of sizing experts.

1. while building your jeans select "connect me with a virtual tailor" - and place your order with your desired rise, features, and colors.

2. you will receive an e-mail from a member of our sizing team with information and a link to 3D Look, they will be there to provide support and assist throughout the process.

3. we will confirm your suggested size with you based on the 3D model created


if you managed to successfully order using 3DLook at launch, do not worry, we have your sizes successfully stored, we will be reaching out to confirm with you as well.

A note on Gender Selection

At the beginning of the sizing process you will be asked to provide your gender. Your options will be Male or Female, and we wanted to directly address this for our non-binary, gender fluid, transgender, and any other human who may potentially be put in an uncomfortable position by this.

3D Look is not our application, and we have urged them to reconsider this step in their application. We have had an open dialogue with their upper management and hope to have additional gender options in the future.

We apologize for any negative emotions this may make you feel, and assure you that as a company and as human beings, we understand there are more than two genders.