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these jeans sold out in 24 hours and we've had over 5000 requests to restock! this stock will not last!

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step one: get sized

measure yourself or use our super easy 3D measurement application on your smartphone. it takes two minutes and is 98% accurate.

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step 2: pick your jeans

filter by your newly found slø size and you'll be able to see our entire stock of ready to wear jeans in your size.

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our trusty help center is here and updated almost daily! otherwise our support team will help you out!

  • we make extras

    in order to facilitate things like returns and exchanges, we add approximately 10% more production orders in each made to order run. After we've faciliated all of the exchanges, we make the extras available to you at even better prices!

  • minimizing waste

    by selling our extra units, we minimize (and eliminate) waste products that harm the earth. We want to get as many people as possible into our jeans and this is a great way to do that!

  • significantly faster

    we're called slø for a reason, crafting you made to order jeans can take a long time! With our ready to wear collections, we may have a perfect jean for you ready to go and can have them with you in a matter of days.

  • better prices

    we cut 20% off the price of our made to order jeans (which are already the most affordable made to order jeans in the world) in order to make sure we move all of our available stock and eliminate any potential wasted products!

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frequently questioned questions

these are the same jeans?

Yes! These are the same handcrafted italian jeans that thousands of people around the world now know and love! We simply have to make extras in case of things like defects, returns, or exchanges

can I return them?

while we don't think you'll have to, yes absolutely! you can reference our returns and exchange policy here

what makes them sustainable?

from our cotton to our fabric to our ethical manufacturing, all the way to our biodegradable packaging, we have taken every step we can to ensure our product is good for mother nature

are these the Tik-Tok jeans?

while we're not affiliated with TikTok or Bytedance, yes! These are the jeans made popular last year by massive community feedback and ideas with Kristian our Founder!