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we got 100+ emails about our new t-shirts

we've got a couple more kinks to work out with the Jeans, but our t-shirt factory is ready to go!

Kristian board's a plane tomorrow to Italy, and the order goes in Friday

want in? this is your chance.

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sustainably made in Italy

every shirt is handcrafted in Italy using certified organic cotton fabric, made at one of Napoli's top fashion houses

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we planned on launching these in January...

these t-shirts were supposed to debut in January, but after hundreds of requests, we called the guys in Italy and asked if we could place a special order... *spoiler alert* they said YES

🌲 protect 25 trees with every purchase                   
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This is a made-to-order product, every shirt ordered is specifically put into production in Italy for you to eliminate the potential of waste products.

Given the current logistics delays of the Holiday season, we cannot guarantee Christmas delivery for every order. It is 100% our goal to have these in your hands within 2 weeks of going into production, however, there is a chance it could be delivered after the 25th.

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Find the most frequently asked questions below.

no! but also yes! we sourced about 30 different t-shirts to develop an amazing size set that compliments every body type! made from amazing organic cotton and made at one of Italy's top fashion houses, we think this shirt will knock your socks off!

we went into this trying to design a t-shirt that could endure daily wear for years! this is top notch fabric and top notch craftsmenship, we're confident it'll last!

we really truly hope so! we're confident most orders will make it before christmas, but depending upon your geographic location and the logistics of the world this holiday season theres a chance it won't make it. if you'd like to gift this product we can totally send an amazing e-mail to the person you're gifting it to in order to create an experience regardless of delivery date!

100% organic cotton, double certified in Italy by slø and our amazing partners, its deliciously soft, has a great weight to it, and is going to be your new favourite wear.

we weren't planning on it! we got a couple hundred emails, comments, DMs over the last few days from our videos showcasing the shirts! we're still working out some kinks on the jeans side of things but our jeans factory is ready to go, so we figured why not! let's rock and roll!

our jean production facility and our t-shirt facility are different places! We've got the jeans rolling off the line as we speak, but our t-shirt guys are ready to go, thanks to popular demand we figured we'd do a limited release while we keep working out the kinks on the jeans side of things!

Napoli, Italy, Earth

we're working on offering even larger sizes, right now we've developed up to 5XL and had a chance to be comfortable with the sizes and ensure a proper fit, we're working on sizes up to 7XL for future launches.

amazing support for the revolution

we understand the jeans are still out of the price point of many people.

making them more affordable is our number one priority. by supporting launches like this you help us develop our system and create more affordable options across the whole board.

We appreciate you so much!